Intolerance Testing Facts

Did you know? 80% of your immune system resides in the gut, so if your gut is out of balance so are you.

The United Kingdom is the 3rd most allergic country in the world.

Food diaries and elimination diets won’t really help, why?

Because if you have a food that gives you symptoms sub-clinically (delayed reaction) the “sensitive “ food may have been eaten the day before. Also if you have a number of “problem” foods unless you “eliminate” all of them at once your symptoms will remain.

Our allergy test takes all of the “guess work” out putting you on the right track immediately

You do not have to “prepare” to undergo our test i.e. do not fast, do not stop any medication, you do not have to remove jewelry or nail varnish.

We may recommend supplements or homoeopathic remedies these will help to speed up the detox program

Difference between allergy and intolerance?

A true allergy is a genetic problem you are born with it. Our test will highlight the allergy allowing you to avoid the food. An intolerance or sensitivity is acquired during your life time and can be eliminated on our detox plan, allowing you to return it to your diet.

Who will benefit from an intolerance test ?        

If you are not well ( see list of symptoms) you will find an allergy test will help you, if you want to eat “clean” feel great and have more energy. If you sporty or sedentary person and need more stamina you will also benefit from our test.