Physical Therapy

A back, hip pain or neck pain, may be caused by an obvious injury such as a fall, car accident, sports injury or a workplace problem etc.
Physical problems can also originate from emotional stress or mental pressure, causing the body to ‘tighten up’ into patterns of posture that can cause discomfort or pain.

How do we treat these conditions ?
(muscle energy technique) is a safe effective treatment of pain and discomfort in the body, It is a skilled method of gently releasing the focus of the pain and is very rapid and long lasting,
Keith has used these methods of physical therapy since 1986.
Mental stress, emotional stress leaves it’s mark in the body, causing it to remember tightness and pain.
These patterns of dysfunction can be locked in to the body for a long time even years – leading to a need for regular conventional treatment i.e. Physiotherapy, chiropractor etc,
When E.R.T is used the body ‘lets go’ of the learned patterns leaving a balanced healthy Muscular Skeletal System.
This type of massage is able to in a safe and painless way release deep tissues tightness, allowing a better range of movement (ROM) across the whole of the body and will increase the Lymph drainage and blood flow resulting in a healthy body.




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