Janet- Southend on sea

I needed to lose weight and felt constantly bloated and tired diets didn’t seem to help me at all, I was recommended the Southbourne clinic from a friend at work, I had an Allergy Test and was told I had a gluten problem and to much yeast in my body, I was put on a detox and over a few months lost weight got my energy back and slept better

After my last visit I can eat gluten again and it does not bloat me any more I have enough energy through the day and don’t fall a sleep in front of the TV at night. Thanks guys

Paul 42 – High Easter

I was recommended to Keith at the Southbourne Clinic in westcliff

I had suffered migraines for years and struggled with painkillers to keep them under control, I already new I was allergic to dairy and chocolate they triggered my migraines, I was given a allergy Test I held a metal tube and keith used a biro type pen on my toe. I have to admit I was a bit skeptical but he found I was allergic to dairy and chocolate {I did not say I was} and also certain veg, potatoes and tomatoes, and oops ! beer and wine I was put on a stricked diet and at first got a bad migraine but the they became less frequent and more headachy, and now I don’t get them at all, I cant eat the veg as it is a permanent allergy but beer and wine in moderation is ok now. Pleased I went Keith suggested I come for a check up once a year now.

HEATHER 46 – Kent

I know why I do it: I said, Its because paradoxically my comfort zone is feeling worthless about me. This was me explaining why I self sabotage with food. How long have I been feeling this about myself? Since I was 14. Why because my mother has thrown guilt at me ever since then.

Guilt guilt guilt guilt guilt!

It’s a long story!

We could blitz that in 6 weeks; said Keith OK, lets do it! For some reason I new it was time to sort this out and having known Keith for a few years in his intolerance testing capabilities, I just believed he could help me.

And he did in spades, I don’t know what his method is called, I think it’s a mix of CBT EMDR and various other stuff and it worked. I remember a few months later I sent him a thank you card. It began “In stunned” I’ve spent the last 3 day’s in the Cotswold’s with my mum and I didn’t want to kill her once!!!

The therapy had taught me a whole new way of dealing with my feelings, thought processes and reactions to mum, It absolutely worked. A few times she tried her old tricks, but by them I’d began to put my new skills into practice.

It totally tipped the balance with her and made and made things much more even between us.

She really did not know what was happening, couldn’t work out why I wasn’t reacting to her digs and occasional jibes so much so that she had nowhere to go with her Arguments and they just vanished into thin air.

That was a few years ago now and things have gone strength to strength, I feel so much freer with mum, she can still drive me bonkers at times (but the guilt is no more) And that is just wonderful.

Keith you deserve the Nobel peace prize! .

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